Student Exchange

Student Exchange

Hunters Hill students visit Le Vésinet

Each Christmas holidays, our students visit Le Vésinet for approximately 6 weeks in December/January. The students are hosted by a family in Le Vésinet or an adjoining suburb and matched with their host student as closely as possible in age and interests. The exchange is organised in conjunction with the Le Vésinet Comité de Jumelages. This committee liaises with the Hunters Hill committee throughout the year.

The Australian students spend the first two weeks in Le Vésinet going to school with their correspondent, or going on excursions to Paris and various other locations organised by the committee. The next two weeks are spent on Christmas holidays with the host family, and the final two weeks back at school or on excursions.

Le Vésinet students visit Hunters Hill

In July/August each year, the hospitality is reciprocated, with French students visiting Sydney for approximately 6 weeks. The first three weeks of their stay are spent on holidays with their host family, and in the latter weeks, at school with their host student or on excursions organised by the committee.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still accepting applications for students wishing to depart for France in December 2020. However, implementation of the programme will depend on Government travel advice at the relevant time.

Student selection

Applications are accepted from all secondary school students but because of the municipal origins of the exchange, the criteria listed below are applied. Preference is given to students who live or attend school in Hunters Hill, but applications from students in neighbouring suburbs are also considered on their merits.


  1. Students who reside within the Hunters Hill Municipality.
  2. Students attending school in the Hunters Hill Municipality.
  3. Students from families who will commit themselves to hosting a French student for the following July/August exchange.
  4. Students studying French.
  5. Successful student interview upon application is required by the selection committee.


Volunteers run the exchange program, so costs can be kept low. Based on previous years the approximate costs are as follows, although these will vary according to the size of the group.

Airfare and travel: $2,500 – $3,000
Excursions: $500 – $700
Administration: $150
Out of area charge: $200
(The out of area charge applies to those who do not satisfy either of the first two criteria above).

What to Take

A list of suggested things to take to France can be downloaded here.